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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Part 5

Reaching the penultimate level, the Kongs travel through the trecherous tower of terror, K. Rool's Keep. They brave perilous frozen moats, race against crushing floors, and outrun rising toxic waters all to reach Donkey Kong and punish the villainous Captain K. Rool.

While there isn't a great unifying theme across the area (3 castle levels, 2 ice levels and a mine level) the general gist of the area is that each level uses vertical platforming to make the player feel that they are on the final climb to the finish.

The first level of the area, Arctic Abyss, is a ice level with that transforms the Kongs into Enguarde to traverse up the shaft as the water rises to the top of the level. Knowing when to use Enguarde's charge will allow the player to get to all of the secrets.

The next level is Windy Well. This mine level uses the wind gimmick to propel the Kong up the shaft where they dodge Zingers and Krooks throwing their hooks. Carefully controlling the speed in which you rise is the key to making it through the level.

Third, comes Castle Crush, the first castle level of the game. The floor steadily rises and so you must move quickly to not get crushed. Rambi and Squawks appear in this level to allow the player to obtain secrets. The hardest part of the level comes at the end where there are two Krooks alternating their hooks and the player has to dodge them.

Clapper's Cavern is next and this level uses Clapper to turn the water into ice to avoid the Snapjaw fish following Diddy and Dixie. This is a basic ice level where you're forced to move quickly so you don't get snapped up. If you're used to typical ice physics and knowing when to use momentum to duck underneath obstructions, you'll be fine.

The fifth level, Chain Link Chamber is a vertical climbing level that you traverse using chains up to the top of the tower. The only difficult part is dealing with two Kannons alternating firing cannon balls down two parallel chains. Past that it's a easy climb up to the top.

The final platforming level, Toxic Tower. This level is primarily a animal buddy level, in which you use Rattly, Squawks and Squitter to climb the tower before the toxic water reaches and kills you. You'll have to move quickly with Rattly, but you can generally outpace the watery death once you get to Squawks.

I won't spoil the boss fight of this level.

Levels complete in this video:

  • Arctic Abyss
  • Windy Well
  • Castle Crush
  • Clapper's Cavern
  • Chain Link Chamber
  • Toxic Tower
  • Stronghold Showdown


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