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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - Part 4

Diddy and Dixie make their way through the terrifying timberland of Gloomy Gulch. Besides the first level in the game, each level in this area except one fits perfectly into the melancholy and almost haunting atmosphere that this area emphasizes.

The first level is Ghostly Grove, in which they must use phantom ropes to travel through the level. These phantom ropes only stay on screen for a small amount of time before they despawn and the Kongs fall off. The phantom ropes have a little ghost head on them to help set to ghostly mood.

The second level is Haunted Hall. This is another roller coaster level in which the Kongs must keep time on a timer unless the Kackles (large ghost Kremling) damages them. The bonus levels in this stage are also annoying because the fast cart is hard to control.

The next level is Gusty Glade. As the title suggests, the level is about using the wind to move through the level across large pits. The wind at the start is controlled by your horizontal position in the level, so sometimes it can be hard to control how to move in the wind because it can change suddenly

After that, the Kongs visit another beehive and must use Quawks, not Squawks, to float down a vertical shaft filled with zingers to the bottom where the goal is. This is the last beehive level in the game.

The final platforming level in this area is Web Woods. In this level, Squitter travels across the level using his webs as platforms across massive pits. The way to get into the bonus stages is interesting because you need to find Kannon's firing cannon balls and then follow the cannon balls to a breakable wall.

The final challenge is to exorcise the spirit of the Kreepy Krow. The boss is the "spirit" of the first boss and you defeat him by spawning a barrel by jumping on the head of the living Mini-Necky and throwing it at Krow. Each time the Kong must platform up to the next arena and after three hits, Krow is defeated.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Part 1

Levels completed in this video:
  • Ghostly Grove
  • Haunted Hall
  • Gusty Glade
  • Parrot Chute Panic
  • Web Woods
  • Kreepy Krow


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